My Story

This journey begins at the age of eighteen, I packed up my suitcase to follow a dream I wanted to travel, see as much as I can So I left for Spain, just me and my man. Friends and family, we said our goodbyes Excitement and fear, our emotions ran high. This was the start, […]

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Light’s, Camera, Action.

    Ok, I was going to start and finish this blog with ‘sit back, relax and enjoy’  Which I hope you do when you watch the series of videos accompanying this post, but then I felt the need to elaborate just a little bit before you do… Over the last 4 yrs, you have […]

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The path to peace

Where am I? Deep inside my mind but more precisely I’m in Sri Lanka, In the hill country not too far from Kandy city high up on a mountaintop in a dark cold room with only a candle flickering giving me light as I write this, Why? Because I’ve decided to take 5 days out […]

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Learning to Surf in Indonesia

They say “The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun” This is my experience. After spending a few days in Bali we took a boat and travelled over to Lombok to spend two weeks learning how to surf. Our aim, To learn as much as possible as quick as possible to take our […]

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